E-Card of the Day: Arlen Specter


E-Card of the Day: Barney Frank


“In their first meeting, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown gave Obama a carved ornamental penholder from the timbers of the anti-slavery ship HMS Gannet. Obama gave him 25 DVDs that don’t work in Europe.”

E-Card of The Day: Eliot Spitzer

I know its been some time now since the whole Eliot Spitzer call girl-gate, but I still found this E-card slightly amusing, this is for you former governor of New York for a little more than a year, Eliot Spitzer

Heres Just One Reason I’m Proud To Be an American…

…We don’t do stupid shit like knighting penguins. Penguins cannot help a county unless they are feeding a county…Thank you g-d for making me an American and not a Norwegian


E-card of the Day: Nancy Pelosi

This E-card goes out to you madam speaker, Nancy Pelosi

The Difference Between Nas and Bill O’Reilly


– Dropped out of Middle School
– Attained High School Literacy Degree
– Arrested for Illegal Possession of Gun at age 18
– 6 Platinum Records
– Nas supports one charity, Chris Webber Foundation
– Sample of NAS lyrics from his Rap “N.Y. State of Mind:

Musician, inflictin composition
of pain I’m like Scarface sniffin cocaine
Holdin a M-16, see with the pen I’m extreme, now
Bulletholes left in my peepholes
I’m suited up in street clothes
Hand me a nine and I’ll defeat foes

– Raps about violence, drugs, objectifying women and gangs

Bill O’Reilly:

– Bachelor’s degree from Marist College
– Master Degree in Broadcast Journalism from Boston University
– Master Degree in Public Administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government
– Has won 2 Emmy awards for separate shows he has hosted
– Has had 4 books on the New York Times Bestseller list
– Bill is involved with 12 different charities ranging from Habitat for Humanity to C.A.N.D.L.E.S Holocaust Museum
-Preaches the constitution and freedom for all people. Fights to protect every citizen and will do whatever it takes to make sure America stays the free Capitalist Democracy that our forefathers envisioned